Like a Stone – Audioslave Tribute Band pays tribute to one of the most legendary bands of the 2000’s, AUDIOSLAVE, and especially to their late frontman, CHRIS CORNELL.

AUDIOSLAVE, formed by members of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden, with only six years of existence and three studio albums to their credit, has left an indelible musical legacy in the contemporary rock scene.

For all those who like Audioslave, but have never had the opportunity to see them live, Like a Stone brings the music of this rock band back to the stage.

Like a Stone was born in Barcelona in 2018 in a spontaneous way, the union of diehard Audioslave fans who, after the death of Chris Cornell, needed to pay tribute to him in this way.

Formación Like a Stone

Like a Stone – The Audioslave Tribute

Marc Kararocker  – Chris Cornell

Dani Valcarcel – Tom Morello

Óscar Cortés – Tim Commerford

Matías Nicassio – Brad Wilk


The repertoire is very extensive and varies from concert to concert, including hits such as Like a Stone, Be Yourself or Cochise, among others.

In addition, the band also pays tribute to the other projects of its members, performing the most unforgettable songs of Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine and Chris Cornell solo.



19 January

16 Toneladas – Valencia

20 January

La Casa del Loco – Zaragoza

27 January

Sala Bóveda – Barcelona

23 February

Sala Niágara – Santander

24 February

Ángeles y Demonios – Gijón

22 March

Urban Rock Concept – Vitoria

23 March

Azkena Bilbo – Bilbao

6 April

Sala Barracudas – Madrid

12 April

El Gran Café – León

13 April

La Cueva del Jazz – Zamora

3 May

Sala Even – Sevilla

4 May

La Cochera Cabaret – Málaga

8 June

Sala Zero – Tarragona

14 January

La Casa del Loco – Zaragoza

4 February

Salatal Club – Castellón

10 February

Moby Dick Club – Madrid

3 March

Urban Rock Concept – Vitoria

4 March

Sala Blue – Bilbao

11 March

Sala Bóveda – Barcelona

24 March

Sala Even – Sevilla

25 March

La Cochera Cabaret – Málaga

22 April

Sala Porta Caeli- Valladolid

3 June

Sala Sideral – Albacete

20 October

Garaje Beat Club – Murcia

21 October

Zeppelin Club – Castellón

25 November

Route Bar – Castelldefels

1 April

Sala Z – Zaragoza

4 June

Rock & Apples – Calella

2 September

Garaje Beat Club – Murcia

3 September

Sala Babel – Alicante

30 September

Sala Wolf – Barcelona

28 Octover

Sala Zero – Tarragona

4 November

16 Toneladas – Valencia

12 November

La Boite – Lleida

8 November

Sala Bóveda – Barcelona

4 December

Sala Caracol – Madcrid

18 January

La Masía de Sant Boi – Sant Boi de Llobregat

18 January

Sala RockSound – Barcelona

16 March

Sala Rock & Apples – Calella

18 May

Sala RockSound – Barcelona

14 June

Sala Zero – Tarragona

19 October

Sala Breakout – Sabadell


Show me How to Live is a song from the 2002 album Audioslave. You can see a version recorded during the pandemic.
In this section we will be uploading new covers and material from our concerts.


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